Our Journal

Our Lockdown Journal

March 23rd seems like a long time ago now. Personal lockdown and business shut-down happened on the same day. We have all had our freedom of movement restricted and been trying to stay healthy, but it has also been an opportunity to learn new skills , manicure the garden and do good stuff.

Our main new skill has been to learn how to construct and run this website for our shop. Being honest, it is maybe not something we might ever have got round to doing but now that we have, it seems good to be able to engage with customers local and further afield when our shop door is closed.

Like most, we’ve tried to be good citizens and hopefully done the right things as instructed.  However the new digital channel has allowed us to stay connected to our lovely loyal customers and we are very grateful for the business that we have been able to do during this time. Deliveries have been mostly by ourselves (& Google Maps). We’ve been to places locally that we never knew existed and met loads of great folk. Fun though that has been, we will be quite happy when we are back behind the counter and trading n’ormally’.


Seems like the challenges are just beginning. This damn social distancing (necessary, but not good) is a tricky thing to navigate when considering the ‘new world’ that we will be operating in for hopefully only a short period. We want to keep everyone safe, but we also want the experience of shopping locally to still be warm, helpful and friendly. Whilst we will do all we can on our side to inspire confidence in the cleanliness of our environment, we will have to hope that customers will show respect to fellow shoppers and maintain a reasonable distance from each other. I think most of us are pretty used to the drill now, so although we will be giving advice (& hand sanitiser), we hope that it will be second nature to most.

It’s been so long now that it will probably feel like the first day we opened again. Just waiting for the green light from the government and it will be all systems go. The staff are excited at the prospect of being back in the swing of things and are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones


Why we buy Natural Fibres

Breathable, Sustainable, Durable, Biodegradable, Good for sensitive skin and a renewable resource.

Our carrier bags.

We are really happy that our bags are 100% biodegradable.  If you would like to help save the planet, please use it as long as possible before it falls apart.

Don’t worry if it’s life ends in the bin as it will self destruct within 3 years.  Before that happens, enjoy it and of course give us some free advertising.

Our suppliers

A lot of them are now delivering our collections  in diodegradable bags which we can simply put in the compost bin.

We also deal with suppliers that are ethically sourcing fabrics and manufacturing to FairTrade standards. Factories have to maintain high standards with regard to their work practices and minimum ages of workers are enforced.

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